Quality Policy


Within the context of efforts towards continuous improvement of services provided by AKESIOS SA Chronic Dialysis Units, a Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of International Standards BS EN ISO 9001:2015 has been planned, installed, and implemented, through which the following are ensured:

  • the use and optimization of essential technological infrastructure
  • readiness to adopt new techniques and methods in the provision of medical and nursing care
  • compliance with applicable legislative and regulatory provisions
  • making efforts towards continuous improvement of the services provided
  • high-quality level infrastructure
  • expertly trained medical, nursing, and administrative staff
  • the preservation of confidentiality and protection of sensitive personal data
  • integration of Quality Management System requirements into the business procedures of the Units
  • implementation of clinical risk management procedures, including clinical risk management
  • a risk management approach to identifying and addressing threats and exploiting opportunities that may impact compliance of services provided, as well as the capacity of the Units to positively improve satisfaction for patients and other stakeholders
  • respect for patients’ rights and self-determination, by encouraging participation in decision-making for treatment planning, with respect for
    cultural and religious beliefs
  • observance of ethical and moral values, and consideration for the nature and requirements of quality in healthcare services and the safety of all patients,
    locally and internationally, as well as other stakeholders

Staff within the Units are obliged to comply with all of the decisions that are taken within the framework of the implementation of this Quality Policy, in consideration of the resources available and the infrastructure support provided by the management AKESIOS SA..

This Quality Policy is regularly updated, communicated to staff, and available to interested parties.